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Type: Heavy Cruiser Class II
Commissioned: Cycle 410207-18
Length: 8 KM

The GGC Audacity exists as a floating city-state, home to the governmental body of Nebula City, a township that resides within its hull. At first an experiment as to whether GGC Crew and a non-military civilian population could co-exists, the Audacity has managed to become an unofficial home to a number of different spacefaring species. The 14th largest vessel in the GGC fleet, it is equipped with a full battery of defensive and offensive on-board weapons, as well as squads of Draconis and Icarus grade tactical fighters.

"We had set out to create a floating city in the stars.
What we created went
beyond what any of us envisioned."

- GGC President-Elect Gil Waters, addressing the 23rd GGC Parliament




The Command Division oversees the creation, implementation, and enforcement of GGC law. Even the civilian population onboard the GGC Audacity are expected to recognize and respect the laws and regulations set forth in the 14-volume GGC Codebook. To that end, the GGC Captain (currently Captain B'set Kurbie) is responsible for all lives on the ship, and is considered the final authority on all matters regarding day to day operations.

Despite the immense size of the ship, there are actually very few "Green Shirts" in her population. Eight "Governors" ovesee each octant of the ship, serving under the Captain, who oversees the Governors. In addition, Helm and Defensive weapon operation are also considered Command positions.


The Science Division is actually comprised of two distinct divisions - the Medical Division and the Science Division.

The Medical Division is comprised of doctors, nurses, and orderlies who conduct both emergency and routine medical operations. With the numerous medical advancements now available, the Medical Division is often revered as the most honorable division where a GGC crewmember could hope to work.

In stark contrast, the Science Division is often feared and misunderstood by the majority of the Audacity's population. Numerous scientific "errors" - some with fatal or near-fatal results - have created a climate of distrust for anyone wearing the "Blue Shirt" of Science as opposed to Medical.


Often seen as a death sentence, the red-shirted crewmembers of the Security Division enforce GGC law more directly than the Command Division, usually acting on orders from that division. They also provide defense on away missions as well as security for both GGC crew and civilian personnel. Due to the dangerous nature of their job, it is rare that a GGC crewperson would willingly volunteer to join the Security Division. Often their "recruits" come in the form of demotions or in lieu of spending time in the brig. Many convicts still opt for the brig.

A sister division of the Security Division are the orange-shirted members of engineering, the only division that employs both GGC and civilian staff. As the job is often just as hazardous as Security detail, the "orange shirts" gain much of their staffing from disciplinary hearings or involuntary transfers.





While not the largest species to populate the planet Earth, Humans tend to regard themselves as the "dominant" one, mostly given to the adage "History is written by the winners...or at best those who know how to write."

One of the founding races of the Great Galactic Confederation, Humans are often viewed by other species with distrust, given their nearly successful attempt at destroying their own planet through their harmful and careless lifestyle. Were it not for the intervention of other planetary species, it is unlikely the Human race - or Earth itself - would still be in existence today.


The calm, emotionless citizens of the ancient planet Hephaestia exist in striking contrast to that world's intense heat and almost constant seismic and volcanic activity. To a person, each Hephaestian adheres to a strict religious code that forbids emotional activity, no matter the situation. As the planet itself is inhospitable to most other species, little is known about Hephaestian life beyond what they are willing to share, which is precious little.

In spite of this, Hephaestia was one of the first planets to join the GGC and have proven to be strong contributors in the fields of technology and science.


The planet Auria has been, for many cycles, off-limits to GGC crew. A somewhat backward, lesser-developed culture, the constant - some say profitable - slave trade is a continuing black mark against the planet's admission to the GGC. The long-held myth of the "Aurian Slave Girl" - women conditioned to a life of servitude - was soon discovered to be no myth at all, and the planet was completely blacklisted for the foreseeable future.

The idea that Aurians have some sort of emotional power they can use to influence those around them remains just that. An idea.


The proud race of blue-skinned warriors that comprise the planet of Andreadoria were early allies of the GGC, but only after they were defeated in open combat by GGC Admiral Hogarth Barbieri in The First Great Andreadorian Conflict (Cycle 310208-24). Recognizing the supreme military might of the GGC, the Andreadorians quickly signed up.

A hive-minded race believed to have evolved from one of the rare insect lifeforms found on the frigid icy homeworld, Andreadorians are to be considered hostile at all times. Don't even look at them funny, and in particular, do not touch their antennae.


Q1: What is this, anyway?
Red Skirts is a love letter from the creators (Dave and Al) to all the great sci-fi shows of the 60s, 70s, and 80s that they grew up watching. It's the story of a five-woman security team who have managed to stay alive despite wearing the red skirts (a play on the Star Trek idea that the red shirts were always the expendable crewpeople) of the Security Division. It's got comedy, drama, action, romance...something for everyone.
Q2: When can I expect updates?
There will always be something new once a week. 99% of the time it'll be the next page in the story. Check the Main Screen for the latest updates.
Q3: Is this okay to let my child read?
That's our goal. We want to create a true "All Ages" story, and we realize that this art style might have some appeal for younger readers. So you won't find gratuitous nudity or cursing here. If I were to rate this comic, we're shooting for a G with occasional PG to PG-13 tendencies. Any curse words will be "made-up" curse words, and while the ladies may change clothes occasionally, you'll never see them naked. Not even Sheva.
Q4: Is this okay for me to read?
Getting back to the idea of "All Ages" - all too often when you hear that phrase it gets construed to mean "dumbed down" for kids or something along those lines. We don't want that, so we're working to create a story that kids can enjoy right alongside their parents. A true "All Ages" story, whether you're six or sixty-four.

As Mystery Science Theater 3000 creator Joel Hodgson once said: "We never worried if everyone would get every joke. We just figured the right people would get the right jokes." That's what we want for Red Skirts. It'll be up to you to let us know how we're doing.
Q5: How long do you see this going?
The beauty of a webcomic is there are no limitations, and we have a lot of great stories to tell about Unit 3-80. We hope you'll be around to read as much of them as you can.
Q6: Will I ever see a print version?
We certainly hope so. We're hoping to eventually create a print volume with tons of story, loads of extras, and maybe a few surprises here and there...the kind of books we like to buy and read. For now, though, enjoy the free and easily available web version.
Q6: You say this is a webcomic, but you have no regular publishing schedule that I can see. What's up?
Valid question. I don't see Red Skirts as a "webcomic" as much as a "comic on the web". Even though I've referred to it in the past as a webcomic. Ultimately, it's a question of semantics and to my mind a webcomic is a comic that's published on a very regular schedule. You can count on a new one to show up every day it claims it'll be published. I don't see Red Skirts as that. To me Red Skirts is a comic that gets published on the web. No set schedule, but certainly published on the internet in some form. Hopefully that makes sense.


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