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4.16.2017 - New Page (041) is Up!

3.8.2017 - New Page (040) is Up!

2.08.2017 - New Page (039) is Up!

1.18.2017 - New Page (038) is Up!


One rule of thumb when you put any sort of creative endeavor out for the world to devour is "Never ever read your reviews".

It's a good practice, even if it sounds both elitist and insular at the same time. Obviously you want people to like what you create, and you may be curious what people say about what your work, but if you begin to put too much stock into it, you'll cease creating what you want to create and you'll start creating what other people want you to create.

And while on the surface that sounds like common sense...why wouldn't you want to make something your audience is going to enjoy, right?...if you go down that path of trying to please everyone, you'll end up pleasing nobody. Least of all yourself. So while I'll never say never read your reviews, I will say take them with a grain of salt when you do, and never let them influence what you're doing. For one thing, muses hate that kind of stuff and they will abandon you in a heartbeat if you do it.

I say all this because we got a review that brought a smile to my face. You can watch it HERE. I love it not because the person enjoyed the book. She did, and of course I'm happy for that. But I love it because round about the 8:40 mark she tapped into one of the reasons Dave and I do this little labor of love. It's a simple sentence and not profound or anything, but it let me know she gets what we're trying to do.

God...I can't tell you how important stuff like that is.

4/16/2017 - Al


I'm not sure we're even sure God exists in the far-flung future of the Red Skirts Universe. Didn't Shatner and crew kill him off in Star Trek V? Either way, looks like Lt. Langdon is trying to fill the void as best he can.

Things aren't looking good at all for the crew right now, but I assure you, this isn't that kind of comic. No matter what you saw on page 2. Remember page 2? Yeah. We're pretty close to revisiting page 2. Good ol' page 2!

Seriously, folks, if we killed them all off there wouldn't be much of a story left to tell, would there?

3/08/2017 - Al


If you've been holding off on picking up some quality Red Skirts swag from House of Haha...wait no longer!

They've updated their website and there are a TON of new ways to display your love of the ladies of Unit 3-80.

Click that link over on the side and behold the coolness.

2/08/2017 - Al


Hopefully 1984-era David Lee Roth and the rest of the Van Halen crew won't mind me stealing one of their lines, but yes...finally...we are back and getting new pages ready to go. Work is now complete on the Occupants comic, Dave's fought off the superbug that's going around, and the holidays are out of our hair. Let's round the homestretch and get the ending to this story told, what do you say?

Dave and I made a promise to each other before we started posting pages with any sort of regularity again: have a decent-sized buffer of pages complete before we put everything in top gear. Whether we're there yet or not remains to be seen, but frankly, we're both too excited about getting back to work on this and you have all been MORE than patient in waiting for us to get there to wait any longer.

Will we ever have hiccups in production like this last one? I'm not going to promise anything. Red Skirts has been and always will be a labor of love, and we have a lot of great ideas for it. That said, if paying gigs come along for either of us, we have to take them if it's work we want to do, and it'll put food on the table. Always know that we're both committed to seeing this comic not only complete, but continue and hopefully thrive. That said, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll be well-entertained throughout 2017. I think I can speak for Dave on that as well. Both of us want more Red Skirts created this year, and from what you've told us, you do too.

So what does 2017 hold for the comic? Well, we're hoping to see the completion of the first story arc, which sets up the next big story arc, which will focus on...nah, that'd be telling and we have fun stuff to reveal yet. Once it's complete, we're going to crowdsource a print edition, and even though you've (hopefully) all been enjoying the web version, we think we'll have enough incentive for you to pick up a copy of the dead wood version as well. More on that when we get closer to the mark.

As always, we appreciate your patience. 2016 was a rough year in many ways, but we've received nothing but support from you all, and trust me, we're grateful for it. Let's make 2017 the Best Flarkin' Year Ever!

1/18/2017 - Al





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