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6.20.2016 - New Page (037) is up!

6.20.2016 - New Page (036) is up!

5.31.2016 - New Page (035) is up!

5.27.2016 - New Page (034) is up!

5.16.2016 - New Page (033) is up!


It's been a while since a new strip has reared it's ugly head...okay, bad word choice...it's been a while since one of our awesome pages has shown up on the site! We're as aware as you are...and we figured we should share with you the reason why:

Yes, Dave and I have adopted a sweet child who we're going to put to work instantly on coloring chores because neither of us really want to bother with it and she's really talented and...okay, just kidding. This is actually a panel from the comic companion to the movie Occupants, which has been making the rounds (and winning numerous awards) at conventions and film festivals across the country. If you get a chance, see it. It's the brainchild of Russell Emanuel and Eric Alexander, and they tapped Dave to handle the art chores on the book.

More than that...they paid him. As I've said numerous times, Red Skirts is a labor of love for the two of us, but we make little to no money from it. Occasionally one of you nice people buys a t-shirt or a mug, and believe me, we appreciate it and hope you're happy with your Red Skirts ware. And we're not griping here, either. If money was truly our motivation, I think you'd be reading a very different comic than the one you (hopefully) enjoy when we can bring it to you. But, as you can imagine, when a paid gig comes along, and you have bills to pay and mouths to feed, and it looks like a project you can enjoy, you take it.

Dave is in fact finishing up work on Occupants very soon. I'm handling lettering chores which shouldn't take much longer once he's done. Then both of us are full bore on concluding this first epic chapter in the lives of Unit 3-80. In the coming weeks I'll be posting some Mini-Skirt comics as well as some general fun stuff involving RS that I've worked up for the site. We're never happy that we have to delay work on this comic, trust us, but if it had to happen, I'm glad it's happening now rather than right in the middle of the forthcoming action.

Did I say action? Oh yes, people...this isn't one of those cerebral artsy-fartsy books...we're bringing the whoop-ass fairly soon! And we hope you'll join us when we do. Thanks for your patience and putting up with our insane schedules this long. When we start Chapter 2, we may very well wait until we have 90% of it in the can before sharing it.

And yes, Chapter 2 is going to happen. I'd tell you more but a lot of it hinges off what you're going to be reading...

...very, very soon!

8/17/2016 - Al


(Like that's ever stopped me before!)

I hope - wherever you're reading this - you're weathering the intense summer heat better than I am. I'd write something profound here, but to be honest, all I want to do is curl up with a tall glass of ice water and de-heat myself.

Oh, and there's a new page up!

6/27/2016 - Al



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